Photo Opportunity

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Photo Opportunity is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl "CJ" Johnson recieves a phone call from Cesar Vialpando. Cesar had been tracking a Ballas car, most likely coming to San Fierro to acquire some cocaine. Cesar wants CJ to come with him. Cesar is outside the city, on a highway near a billboard and a factory. Once CJ finds Cesar, the two begin to travel towards Angel Pine, where the car was last seen headed. After entering the small town, CJ and Cesar position themselves on a rooftop overlooking a Cluckin' Bell. CJ brings out a camera and plans to take pictures, believing this to be a meeting. Soon after, a Picador pulls in. Its Ryder, along with a Ballas member. After Ryder, another man pulls in. Cesar identifies him as T-Bone Mendez, shortly follwed thereafter by a man in a suit, Mike Toreno. Then finally, a fourth man Jizzy B joins them. He is identified as a pimp by CJ, but both Cesar and CJ do not know him. After taking pictures of all four men, Cesar and CJ leave Angel Pine, stopping by a gas station. Cesar leaves CJ at the gas station, saying he'll meet him back in San Fierro.


If you fly over the spot where you are supposed to meet Cesar, a huge red halo around the spot is visible. However it disappears once you go down to a certain altitude.