Pimp His Ride

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Pimp his ride is a mission in GTA Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS.


So, after you meet Chan Jaoming, he tells you this: Some street race champion is annoying him, and he wants to "modify" his car to teach him a lesson on who's the master of the races. He tells Huang to follow him, steal his car, and take it back to his garage.

First, go to the location of the champion, and follow him until he stops. Don't get too close or you'll spook him and fail the mission. He'll stop at the Pay'N'Spray in Hove Beach, this is your chance to get the car! Hack the immobilizer, and quickly drive it to Chan's garage at East Island City. Then, F**K up the car! Smash the engine, puncture the intercooler, and show him how it feels to be in a fish market!(which is placing a fish in the air-con). Then, qucikly drive it back to the Pay'N'Spray but don't damage the car too much, and be aware that a tow truck will come to pick up the car soon. But once you reached there, get out, and let the truck pick up the newly "tuned" car.