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Trey Stewart, better known by his criminal alias of Playboy X, is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV. An associate of Elizabeta Torres, Playboy X runs the cocaine distribution ring in North Holland, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Algonquin. An associate of Dwayne Forge, one of the major crack cocaine dealers in Liberty City circa the mid 1990s, he eventually distanced himself from his mentor and friend during Forge's long prison sentence, and took complete control of the operation, which spanned North and East Holland, as well as the entire burrough of Bohan.

Playboy X views the drug dealing operations as a stepping stone to becoming a legitimate businessman in Liberty City. To this end, he begins meeting with a Middle Eastern real estate businessman in order to try and help in his construction project. When the construction site is held up by the Liberty City Mafia, in disguise as a labor union, Playboy sends Niko Bellic to the site to wipe out the union workers and Mafia gunmen, as a sign of allegience to the businessman. The end result is not what Playboy expected, as the business plan quickly falls apart--he made his potential partner fearful of Mafia retaliation.

Later, Playboy asks Niko to kill his mentor, while Dwayne himself realizes that his friend is going to turn against him. The player is left to decide whether to kill Dwayne or go against orders and kill Playboy instead. In the end, should you choose to go through with the orders, Playboy will have second thoughts (albeit ones that came too late) about the hit. Unable to forgive Niko for killing Forge, Playboy will sever his ties to Niko entirely.