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Powerups in Grand Theft Auto 2 encompass a variety of pickups that primarily alter the player's behavior, grant them temporary or permanent benefits that can aid the player during missions, dire situations, or simply for fun.

The number of powerups in GTA 2 are significantly expanded from that of GTA 1, increasing from GTA 1's six to fifteen in GTA 2.

List of powerups

Name Pickup icon HUD icon Description
Permanent protection for the player against gunfire, fire, and even explosions. Each amror pickup contains 10 health points, the equivalent of the player's 10-point health. Armor does not protect the player from car explosions if the player is in the car, falls from great heights, or arrests by the police.
Double Damage
Temporary perk that doubles the amount of damage that the player's gunfire can inflict; has no effect on Rocket Launchers, Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, or vehicle bombs.
Temporarily renders the player invisible to hostiles, including the police or gang members.
Temporarily renders the player immune to any damage for one minute, except electrical damage from the ElectroGun or ElectroFingers, plunges into water, car explosions if the player is in the car or falls from great heights.
Temporarily grants the player the ability to electrically shock nearby pedestrians while in direct contact. Sustained contact will eventually kill the player's target.
Get Outta Jail Free Card
Exempts the player from penalties imposed if the player is arrested, such as a deduction of one score multiplier and the lost of weapons.
Restores the player's health to a full five hearts.
Cop Bribe
Eliminates the player's wanted level.
Improves the player's standard with all three gangs of each district.
Instant Access
Grants the player a group of four bodyguards armed with Pistols or Dual Pistols, who will protect the player from hostiles or law enforcers. Players can only receive a maximum of four bodyguards, or additional Instant Access pickups will only restore the bodyguards' health and resurrect those who were killed. This pickup is only available in multiplayer.
A "1 up". Adds an additional life to the player.
Adds an additional point multiplier to the player.
Kill Frenzy
Triggers a Kill Frenzy rampage minigame.
GTA2 Badge
Hidden packages that unlocks bonus levels in GTA 2. There are 50 in total.