Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Events of HD Universe

Simeon Yetarian started the business and in early 2013 hired the protagonist of GTA Online as a repossession agent. The protagonist worked separately from his two other employees, nephew Sacha Yetarian and Anak Horozian, and either repossessed or stole a number of vehicles for Simeon. The unnamed employee, however, stopped working for Simeon who was then hired Families gang members Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis as repossession agents. The relationship between Simeon and his two newest employees soured after they killed Esteban Jimenez while repossessing his modified green Bagger, which they also failed to return.

Simeon agrees to give Franklin another chance and tasks him with repossessing a yellow BeeJay XL from Jimmy De Santa. Franklin breaks into the De Santa house and repossess the vehicle but is then held at gunpoint by Jimmy's father Michael, who had been hiding on the back seat. Franklin is then forced to drive into the showroom, causing a great deal of damage. A distraught Simeon fires Franklin but is then assaulted by Michael. Simeon later gives an interview to Weazel News about the incident but does not reveal Franklin's identity and updates his Lifeinvader page stating that he has hired a new repossession team who are learning quickly under his mentorship. He also fires Lamar via text message.

The player, as Franklin or Michael, later has the option of returning to Premium Deluxe Motorsport to confront and/or kill Simeon. This is not required for 100% completion and can only be accessed between Friend Request and The Jewel Store Job. Simeon, even if killed by the player, will always survive.



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