Psycho Killer

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Psycho Killer
Kent Paul telling Tommy Vercetti about Love Fists problems with a psycho who wants the band members dead.

Kent Paul telling Tommy Vercetti about Love Fists problems with a psycho who wants the band members dead.
Game GTA Vice City
For Love Fist
Target The Psycho
Location Downtown, Vice City
Reward $4,000
Unlocks Alloy Wheels of Steel
Unlocked by Love Juice

Psycho Killer is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by rock band Love Fist from their recording studio in Downtown, Vice City.


Kent Paul and the Love Fist band informs Tommy Vercetti that a psycho killer wants Love Fist dead. Tommy drives in the Love Fist limo to Rock City where Love Fist plans to have a signing in order to draw the psycho out. When Tommy arrives, the cross-dressing killer kills a security guard and blames Love Fist for ruining his life. The killer escapes in his Sentinel as Tommy pursues him. Tommy eventually kills the psycho.


(Inside the recording studio)

Kent Paul: Tommy, man. Am I glad to see you!

Tommy Vercetti: What's going on?

Jezz Torrent: Bad vibes, Tommy....

Percy: Aye, I'm not joking, it's heavy stuff man, heavy you know?

Jezz Torrent: There's this cat, we hardly know him, but he knows us. Like this cat. Knows all about us. Knows that Willy likes his ladies' underwear, eh! Or that Percy likes Duran Duran!

Percy: Shut up ye fool. Just 'cause Jezz bangs sheep. It's a love rocket thing, you know?

Willy: Oi shut it!

Jezz Torrent: Yeah, the love rocket thing, right. But listen, this cat...

Kent Paul: Yeh, yeh, the guy, he wants Love Fist dead. Dead Tommy. Love Fist gone. You know what they say, the good die young. But Tommy, you gotta save Love Fist!

Jezz Torrent: We got a signing in two hours and I think...

Kent Paul: And the boys think the stalker's gonna try some monkey business there.

(At Rock City)

Psycho: I'll see Love Fist burn! Love Fist ruined my life!


The reward for completing this mission is $4,000. The mission Alloy Wheels of Steel is unlocked.


  • If the player kills The Psycho before the cutscene in which he kills a security guard and gets into his Sentinel, the player will fail the mission for scaring the Love Fist Fans.
  • If the player throws a Molotov Cocktail or a Grenade into the crowd of Love Fist Fans, the player will fail the mission. Also, the player will automatically recieve a two star wanted level for mass murder.


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