Races in GTA IV

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A Race is a competetive multiplayer game in GTA IV. The race is customizable by changing the vehicle class, vehicle, vehicle color, racetrack and more.

Vehicle Class

The vehicles of the game are split into different classes. These are listed below with the help of the fastest car of the class next to it;

Supercars: Comet

Sports: Coquette

Muscle: Sabre GT

2 Door: Blista Compact

4 Door: DF8-90

Executive: Cognoscenti

Modern: Sentinel

Vintage: Buccaneer

Police: Police Cruiser

People Carrier: Perrenial

SUV: Huntley Sport

Pickup: Contender

Service: Securicar, Stockade, Enforcer - these are all essentially the same vehicle

Trucks: Firetruck

Motorcycles: NRG 900

Vans: Speedo