Radio Del Mundo

Radio Station
Radio Del Mundo
Genre: Worldbeat, world music
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
DJ(s): Panjit Gavaskar

Radio Del Mundo is a worldbeat and world music station featuring non-English music from East India and from various other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The DJ is Panjit Gavaskar, who is also East Indian.

DJ: Panjit Gavaskar

Genres: worldbeat, world music


The following tracks only appear in the mobile release of the game:

  • Roger Abboud - "Ah Ya Zein"
  • Michael Nahme - "Marmara"
  • Mohamed Hussein - "Mariam Mariamti"
  • Mohamed Iskandar - "La Tisalouni"


  • All taxis in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories have Radio Del Mundo as their default radio station.
  • Despite the Spanish name (which means "Radio of the World"), no song heard on the station is Spanish.

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