Radio Stations in GTA 2

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Each area features five radio stations from a pool of eleven, in which one of them would be played as the player drives most vehicles in game. Changing radio stations for preference was also possible in the Windows PC version by using the "F1" function key and also in the Playstation version by pressing the "up" directional button. "Head Radio" was present in the original GTA, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Each gang also has its own radio station that transmits within a limited area.

Head Radio — The city's largest commercial radio station. It can be received in all areas of the game. The DJ's names are Phanny Joe Styles and Johnny Riccaro. Head Radio plays modern pop and rock. Rockstar Radio — A commercial radio station in the Downtown Area. The DJ/commentator is Sammy Starock, who apparently hates everyone and regularly receives letter bombs from listeners. The station plays pop and rock and occasionally features on-air phone calls from "listeners". KREZ — The Residential Area's commercial station which plays hip hop and rap. The DJ is Richie T. Lo-Fi FM — A commercial station in the Industrial Area that plays oldies and pop. The DJ (DJ Die/Dye — Dai is a Welsh abbreviation for the name 'David') is Welsh and seems to have no ties to gangs in the area. Futuro FM — A radio staion sponsored by the Zaibatsu and filled with promotions for their products. The DJ, Dean Frantz, plays dance, jazz-oriented pop and Funk. Heavenly Radio — The Krishnas' gang station, transmitting in the Industrial Sector. The music is a mix of Jesus-pop and soft music. Listeners are continuously urged by the station's DJ, Venus Ordelia, to convert. KGBH — A pun on the Soviet KGB and grievous bodily harm (GBH), radio station of the Russian mafia with DJ Bombatumba. KGBH frequently encounters both technical and personal problems that interfere with their broadcasts. The station primarily plays classic rock. Lithium FM — The Loonies' station. Features a schizophrenic DJ, Spaz Funbags, who plays oldies as well as some dance music. Rebel Radio/KING — The Redneck gang station in the Residential Area. The DJ, Marshall Nash, has a Southern accent and posts announcements of escaped convicts who have bounties posted on their heads. The music of choice is modern and classic rock. Osmosis Radio — The Scientists' station, transmitting in the Residential Area. The DJ "Mama Doc", who is either Icelandic or Scandinavian, plays modern dance music. Funami FM — The Yakuza gang's station in the Downtown Area. The music is drum and bass-type electronic music. The station is hosted by a maniacal Japanese woman screaming in a high-pitch voice who calls herself Teriyaki-chan. The theme song on the main title screen is the song "Short change" by the group E-Z Rollers