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Rodislav Bulgarin is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a Russian mobster and eventually becomes a leader in the Faustin Family.

Rodislav Bulgarin is a Russian mobster who lives in the Mediterranean, apparently in a large mansion overlooking the Adriatic Sea. He ran a smuggling operation there and employed Niko Bellic. Bellic worked for Bulgarin for many years, used to murder men and smuggle people into Italy from Eastern Europe. During one such run, Niko was stopped by the authorities and forced to abandon the ship, swimming for his life. The ship was seized, and Bulgarin blamed Niko for the loss, demanding restitution. Bellic left Europe to hide out in America.

Eventually, Bulgarin made his way to America as well. Arriving in Liberty City, Bulgarin entered a partnership with Dimitri Rascalov and eventually found Niko Bellic was working for Rascalov. Dimitri offered Niko to Bellic without hesitating as a token of friendship. However, Niko escaped the ambush and Bulgarin worked hard to track him down. At one point Bulgarin kidnapped Niko's cousin Roman to lure Niko into a trap, but the craftly Niko escaped again. Their final meeting was in Alderney, where Niko and his friend Patrick McReary escaped another ambush. Bulgarin was not seen again.

It is assumed that after the death of Dimitri Rascalov, Bulgarin took over the Russian syndicate.