Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)

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Recruitment Drive (GTA: VC) _______________________________________________________________________________________________

This is the first mission at the Prawn Island Film Studio Asset. Tommy needs some roles for a new film. he first goes into Downtown to find Candy Suxx then to find Merecedes.


Steve: Action Girl: Whoah! Now thats big. Steve: 12 inches. That is regulation baby. Steve: CUT!! Who is this idiot? You YOU! Why are you in my space? WHY? Tommy: What is all this crap? Aliens? Fishing Poles? Who's ever seen a shark that big? All

      this stuff's gotta go. Why'd you get in this buisness ya prick? Huh? For the pussy
      thats why! what is this??

Steve: This is my art - SECURITY! Tommy: Look you pampous asshole. I own you now I own all of this. We're gonna turn this

      place around... I'm gonna make you rich.

Steve: - You're-You-You're Tommy Vercetti? But thought that you were... Tommy: That's Right.