Red Valdez

Red Valdez
[[Image::File:RedValdezTreyWelshUnoCarb-GTA2.png| ]]
Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Red Valdez
Aliases Android
The Shrink


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Residential District, Anywhere City
Main Affiliations The Zaibatsu Corporation
Trey Welsh
Uno Carb
Claude Speed (former)
Vehicles Stretch Limousine
Occupation Gang leader

Red Valdez is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto 2.

Character history

Red Valdez is, in GTA 2, the leader of The Zaibatsu Corporation in the Residential District of Anywhere City, working alongside fellow city leaders Trey Welsh and Uno Carb. His criminal record can not be accessed by the Anywhere City Police Department but they know he can frequently be found in rival gang territory (in particular that of the Hare Krishna), in nightclubs or bars, in the company of prostitutes, drug users, or drunks, or driving around the city in his Stretch Limousine as he never sleeps. The ACPD file also states that he has an 'unnatural rapport with people which is almost hypnotic'. He has no identifying features, except being smartly dressed and having a permanent suntan, is known to use a stun gun.

In GTA 2, he first employs Claude Speed to steal a flamethrower from the Scientists and then use it to kill ten Rednecks. Valdez later employs Claude to blow up the Clone Test Center, collect four vehicles full of contraband, destroy two generators at the Scientist Research Center, steal some police vehicles, kill twenty Scientists in a mall, and provide a distraction. Eventually, Claude angers Valdez, Billy Bob Bean (leader of the Rednecks) and Dr. LaBrat (leader of the Scientists), but manages to kill all three.

Mission appearances


  • The image used for Valdez' face in the game is also used for Trey Welsh and Uno Carb, the other two Zaibatsu leaders.