Victor Vance wearing the Repo-Man in GTA Vice City Stories.

The Repo-Man is an unlockable outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for protagonist Victor Vance.


The Repo-Man is fashioned as a relatively simple semi-formal attire consisting of a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a black tie, black pants, and brown dress shoes. Like other clothes in the game, changing into the outfit will remove up to a two star wanted level.

The outfit is added to the player's wardrobe after developing a High-roller Loan Shark empire site following "To Victor, the Spoils".


  • The outfit's design is likely to be a reference to Repo Man, a 1984 cult film in which the punk protagonist wears a similar outfit during his time as a repo-man.
  • The outfit does not incorporate Victor's black wristwatch seen on various other outfits, presumably to maintain the outfit's semblance to that featured in the Repo Man film.
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