Riot (GTA VC)

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Riot is one of the first missions in the game GTA: Vice City.


Warning, spoilers ahead.


A delivery company has it's HQ set up in prime development land, and Avery Carrington wants that land. However the company refuses to sell, so Avery wants Tommy Vercetti to drive it out of business by destroying it's delivery trucks. To do this, he must start a riot between the striking workers of the company to distract security.

The Mission

Get the worker outfit from Rafael's shop in Washington Beach and drive to the HQ of the company. There you will have to pick up a fight with three workers to start a riot, then the main gates will be opened and two security guards will come out to stop the rioters, while the security have their hands full, get through the gate and kill the last security guard, then blow up the red barrels to destroy the first two trucks and smash the last one with a hammer, after this the mission is and Tommy can take missions from Avery Carrington and Colonel Cortez.

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