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Hosted by "Andre The Accelerator" (voiced by "Andre") and plays four to the floor style electronic dance music. The playlist in the game is presented as a continuous liveset which is being played and broadcast live from a nightclub called the Planetarium. This station does not feature any commercials. Rise FM is one of the Colombian Cartel's favorite stations. Rise FM is also the name of a real-life internet radio station which is owned and run by Denmark based Rise Future Media. However, it is in no way connected to the GTA version.


  • Slyder - "Neo (The One)"
  • Slyder]] - "Score (Slyder song)|Score (Original Mix)"
  • Chris Walsh (artist)|Chris Walsh & [[Dave Beran - "Shake (Chris Walsh & Dave Beran song)|Shake (Revolt Clogrock Remix)"
  • Shiver (disambiguation)|Shiver - "Deep Time"
  • R.R.D.S. - "Innerbattle"