Rock City

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The building that houses Rock City

Rock City is a music store located in Downtown, Vice City, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is just south Well Stacked Pizza Co. store and west of the Dispensary. An FBI Washington is parked behind the building. In the alley behind the store, the player can also find a Rampage and an Armor pickup.

Role in mission

During the mission "Psycho Killer" in GTA Vice City, Rock City is where Love Fist have planned to have a signing event. Unfortunately for the band, a psycho killer knows this, and is planning to have Love Fist killed there. In the mission, Tommy Vercetti, under the orders of Kent Paul and Love Fist, drives a Love Fist Limo to Rock City to draw out the psycho killer. He successfully lures out the killer and, after a long car chase, kills him.