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In this article we will be giving you all some tips for adding a roleplaying experience to GTA, a game that usually isn't associated with roleplaying. Remember that you don't habe to all these things when roleplaying in GTA and if you did that would get awfully boring almost. These are just general tips for Roleplaying

What is Roleplaying

Roleplaying is when somebody pretends that a game is real. For example in GTA you would pretend to need 3 meals a day or something along those lines. Many people do it to add another layer to there gaming experience. It also can make the game more challenging. All these things will be explained in detail in this article.


Most people will eat 2 to 3 meals a day so why should Nico be any different. Try to have at least 1 meal a day, and shake things up sometimes by going to a different restaurant other than Cluckin' Dell or Burger Shot, for example the 69th Street Diner on Bart Street near where you begin the game is a cool little place to go, or you can also pretend to get some food from one the Superstar cafe's around Algonquin. A hotdog or some nuts is always a good snack for between meals.

Driving and Vehicles

In everyday life people DON'T steal a million cars and trash them everyday, or take a a car just because it's really cool looking or because it's an ice-cream truck. So when you choose a car (preferably from a car dealership, a good one to take a car from is the Auto Eroticar in Alderney) If and when you do crash a car (lets admit it's inevitable) you should call the ambulance and a firetruck, just in case. Now for the extreme roleplayers out there, there is something else you can do. And that is obey the road rules. Tis would only really aply when driving around in between missions and for missions that don't involve a chase. This is not a complusory part of GTA roleplaying and can get very, very boring if you obey these rules at all times.