Rural Police

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A Country/Desert Police Man With A Shotgun.
Country/Desert Police Officers (Referd to as C/D in this article) are Police officers who operate in the Country and Desert areas of San Andreas. (eg. Red County, Flint County, Bone County and all towns in the vicinity.) They are dressed in black with cream pants and a sherrifs hat. They are armed with 9mm Pistols and Nightsticks. Not that in the caption the C/D officer is weilding a shotgun. This is due to the fact that if you have a 3+ wanted level one of the two occupants of a police vehicle will wield a shotgun (counts for all police exept Biker Police.)


A Police Ranger. Note the similarity to the Rancer.

The Ranger is the C/D Police's main vehicle. It is a Rancer equipped with lights and sirens (as well as a new paint job) and very good offroad handling and speed. This vehicle is primarly ised for off road work so it is typical that it operates in the C/D.


Behave the same as normal police officers.