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Sa-boat-age is a mission in GTA Chinatown Wars.


Meet up with Chan at East Island City at a dock. He's just got a new powerboat, and want's to test it and see if you can beat it, on a Wetski!

After you get on the Wetski, you have to race with Chan through checkpoints, just be careful not to miss any otherwise you'll have to waste time getting back to it. Shortly after, Chan's boat smokes and you race ahead! But it looks like it isn't a break down, the Spanish Lords sabotaged it to attack and kill Chan! So until help arrives, you have to protect Chan. Several waves of Spanish Lords on Dinghys will come and shoot at Chan's boat, and even though you have unlimited ammo of a SMG, the Wetski steers horribly, but try to use the handbrake to make it easier and faster to shoot at the Spanish Lords. More and more will come over time, but shortly later a helicopter will arrive to rescue Chan. Chan swores that he will payback the Spanish Lords for this!