Safehouses in The Ballad of Gay Tony

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The Ballad of Gay Tony supplies the player with only one safehouse, in the form of an apartment that serves as Luis Fernando Lopez's home. Located in Northwood, Algonquin, the apartment is close to Lopez Mother's residence and Playboy X's penthouse. The apartment provides the player with the usual amenities, including a bed, a television and access to Luis' wardrobe.

It is also possible to enter the Bohan Safehouse by using the backdoor of the building, and Playboy's from the air, although player is unable to utilize any of these safehouses' facilities.

Although he can't use safehouses from GTA IV, Luis can save vehicles in the parking spaces in front of Niko's safehouses.


  • The default music playing in Luis' apartment is always set to San Juan Sounds.
  • Three pictures of Luis' father are hung up around the apartment.
  • Luis is an obvious fan of shoes, as his bedroom is taken up by boxes of them.
  • Luis has what looks like an Xbox 360 elite next to his TV, although it is oddly shaped.

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