Safehouses in The Lost and Damned

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In The Lost and Damned their are two safehouses that you are accessible to you. One is The Lost MC Clubhouse which is much larger than a regular safehouse and the other is Brian Jeremy's safehouse which you obtain after the mission Bad Standing. The Lost MC Clubhouse is large scale safehouse with Hi-Lo cards, an Arm Wrestling table, a Pool table and a QUB3D arcade machine. Your sleeping quarters are in a storage room straight forward when you enter the front entrance. When you finish a certain amount of Gang Wars you are awarded a weapon that is in the television and computer room. The parking area in the front of the clubhouse is unique because it is much larger than a regular parking space which can hold a couple more than two bikes, but if wait a while it will only have two vehicles. Unfortunately the clubhouse is burned down by the remainging four Lost members who are Johnny Klebitz, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons and Angus Martin in the last mission Get Lost.

Brian Jeremy's safehouse is awarded to Johnny after Bad Standing when Johnny has to kill Brian. But Johnny has the choice of killing Brian, if Johnny chooses to kill Brian he is shot in the chest by Johnny. If Johnny decides to let him live, Brian will run off and becomes a Random Characters only to meet his inevitable death. Either way Johnny achieves Brian's safehouse.

If you exterminate the Seagulls, Win the twelve bike races or complete Angus' Bike Thefts you will be awarded an Innovation, a Hakuchou or a Bati 800 at both of your safehouses.