San Fierro Medical Center

The main block of the San Fierro Medical Center in GTA San Andreas.

San Fierro Medical Center is the main hospital servicing San Fierro, San Andreas. It is located in the Santa Flora district, just north of City Hall, west of Chinatown, and south of Palisades and Juniper Hill.


The medical center is the largest hospital in San Andreas, essentially consisting of a large complex of three modern buildings partially connected by a skybridge, and boasts a massive two-level parking garage and driveway for ambulances. Players will respawn at the hospital if they are killed anywhere within San Fierro city limits. The only exception is if the player dates Katie Zhan and dies within 0.9 miles (1.5 km) from her house, the player will respawn at her home instead.


  • Up to two Ambulances in the driveway
  • Romero (hearse)
  • Two random vehicles in the parking garage lower level
  • Up to three random vehicles in the parking garage upper level
  • Maverick and Raindance on the roof of the main building

Events of GTA San Andreas

The hospital is prominently featured during the mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair as one of two stops where The Truth observes the activities of mysterious vans. The nature of the vans and of The Truth's interest in them are never explained, aside from inferences to conspiracy theories regarding mind control and government cover-ups.