Sea Sparrow

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Sea Sparrow in flight, showing the distinct pontoon

The Sea Sparrow is one of only two helicopters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (although it reads as SeaSparrow when getting in) that can land on water, and is the only helicopter in Vice City capable of doing so. It is an improved version of the Sparrow, featuring pontoons instead of skis, and carries a .50 caliber machine gun mounted on the front of its fuselage. In Vice City, it is unlocked by collecting 70 hidden packages, and is intended as a bonus to the player. In San Andreas, the Sea Sparrow does not require unlocking, and can be found at the base of Sherman Dam along with a skimmer. Because of its fully exposed engine, the Sea Sparrow is highly susceptible to gunfire. It is, however, particulairly useful for collecting oysters, quick maneuvering, and shooting down other helicopters.


  • At the southeast end of Sherman Dam, opposite the dam's quay.
  • On the helipad in Bayside Marina.
    • Note: A Maverick spawns here more often. The Sea Sparrow spawns only occasionally.