Secrets in GTA Liberty City Stories

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The following is a list of secrets, Easter eggs and hidden trivia references in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Easter Eggs

In the back parking lot of the offices of Liberty Tree in Bedford Point, there is a hidden message.

  • In the PSP version says: "Hello again.
  • In the PS2 version says: "I really can not get more out of this dead, do you?"

To find it we must first enter the office entrance leading to the parking lot, jump the wall on the right side (once inside the parking lot) by a tall vehicle or using a trick, then go to one side and then the message .

Liberty City Cemetery

After some major characters are killed by Toni Cipriani in Liberty City Cemetery appear a tombstone of these, indicating different messages:

References to previous games

Candy Suxxx

In east part of Belleville Park, there is a sign announcing the new film Candy Suxxx. After 14 years of his first appearance in the chronology of the GTA III Era, Candy Suxxx still in the adult film business as indicated in the lineup making his last reference key to this game.

Sonny Forelli - A Real Story

In Shoreside Vale is a sign on a movie called Sonny Forelli (the main villain of GTA Vice City), which probably shows all his life until his death at the hands of Tommy Vercetti in the 80's.

Donald Love

Donald Love is a character who also appears in GTA LCS, but the reference is in a sign can be seen near an apartment in Wichita Gardens (which would be the GTA III safehouse Claude) which refers to atwork Donald Love in GTA III, which says: The King of Liberty

Luigi's Sex Club 7

After Staunton Island is opened, "Paulie's Revue Bar" in Portland changes appearance. It now resembles Luigi's Sex Club 7, which is curious because the club would be replaced by 2001 in GTA III and not in 1998.


In Bedford Point is a blue giant poster of a guy playing basketball, promotional clothing brand Heat. The point is that this picture is the same as a screenshot of San Andreas where CJ show clothing style Michael Jordan playing basketball, like this poster.


The only reference that has the TW@ to other games, in this case Grand Theft Auto III is ready to announce the inauguration of the cafe with the message: Cooming Soon. The funny thing is that the cafe is under construction in 1998 and until 2001 is already full, but as the small footprint, this was due to complete between 1999 and 2000, before 2001

References to other games


Around Liberty City (mainly Portland) several graffiti of a gang known as Bully Boys. Could this be a reference to Bully, another game made by Rockstar Games. The graffiti is located opposite Maria's apartment and in the Alley where Toni first meets Wayne and his gang in Chinatown.

Real-world references


The Bickle'76 is a variant of Taxi, which is faster than the regular taxi and has a very unique design with a red exterior and engine as the Diablo Stallion. The reference of this taxi is that the name is a reference to Travis Bickle of the movie Taxi Driver.


Still Madd is the last Madd Dogg album, as indicated by the sign is located near the Portland Safehouse, which may be a reference to the song "Still Dre" by Snoop Dogg.

Adult humor

The Third Leg

The third leg is a play published in posters, located in various parts of the city as:

The meaning of this poster shows three legs, of which the middle one is shaped like a penis.