[[Image::File:Sergei-GTAIV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Sergei


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Russian
Home Hove Beach, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Faustin Family
Dimitri Rascalov
Vlad Glebov
You may also be looking for Sergey a multiplayer character in GTA IV.

Sergei is a member of the Faustin Family and appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is Vladimir Glebov's henchman and works for Mikhail Faustin. During Final Destination, Dimitri mentions he has a friend in the courts.

Mission appearances


  • If the player would have failed the random encounter with Mel the first time, the second time, when talking to Niko, he'll mention that one of his reasons to stop drinking was "not hanging around with losers like Sergei".
  • Sergei is commonly misinterpreted as being the same character as Roman's Killer, as both characters are bald and work for the Faustin Family. However, analysis of the GTA IV games files proves that both characters are completely different from each other.