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Badman, Jacobs (roommate?) friend, is pissed of because some upstart pusher is dealing his on his turf and isn't giving him the proper respect and payment he deserves. Jacob tells you to go the spot where the punk has been seen and when he is done selling, follow him back this stash house and then eliminate him. You will follow the dealer through a series of alley ways and apartment complexes until he reaches the stash house. Be sure to stay a little bit behind him as he walks back so as not to spook him. If shadow him successfully, the door to his apartment room will be open and you can easily surprise the dealer and his crew. If you are compromised, the dealer will start to run and the door to his room will be locked once you arrive. You will have to shoot out the lock and your will loose the element of surprise. Once you kill all the occupants, you phone Jacob to inform him of the completion.