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Shirley is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. Shirley is the wife of Jeff, who was suspicions of her committing adulterous activity, and the mother of his and her children. During his first random character encounter, he is seen shouting vulgar names at her whilst she is inside of their house. When he speaks to Niko he asks him to tail her, and an unnamed man to the Superstar Café. When the couple arrive they sit at the second floor of the cafe. Niko then takes a picture via camera phone. During the conversation, she states that she has had her underwear stolen for DNA testing, and Jeff attempted to install a tracking device onto her. She is later murdered by Jeff in a fit of rage. She was stabbed fifty times with a kitchen knife. Afterwards Jeff phones Niko to meet him in a carpark in Algonquin. He then shows Niko her bloody corpse which was stuffed into the back of a Blista Compact. Niko disposes of the car by dumping it in the Humboldt River.