Shogun Showdown

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Shogun Showdown

Salvatore Leone
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Salvatore Leone
Target Yakuza
Location Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Reward $3,000
Unlocks More Deadly Than the Male

Shogun Showdown is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from the police station in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


Salvatore, still irate at his imprisonment, continues to receive bad news. The Triads and Diablos are taking control of Portland Island, Miles O'Donovan won't allow him to go on bail and the Yakuza are arming themselves to move into Liberty City. Toni believes he can solve the problems and is told by Salvatore that the weapons are being held in Aspatria on Staunton Island. Toni drives to the compound, killing many Yakuza gang members, and steals a tank. He then takes it to 8-Balls bomb shop, fitting it with a bomb and then, once at a distance, detonating the bomb, which destroys the tank.


Toni Cipriani: Sal? How's it going?

Salvatore Leone: Fuckin' bene! Just great! Number one, the new mayor is fixing it so I don't get bail. Number two, we're stuck fighting the God-damn Triads and Diablos. Number three, I hear that the fuckin' Yakuza are gonna make a play to take over the city. Other than that, everything is just peachy! After all these years of mob control, we've finally flushed it all down the crapper!

Toni Cipriani: Boss, I can take care of everything.

Salvatore Leone: The Yakuza have got a load of weapons in Aspatria. Nothing can stop them now!

Toni Cipriani: We'll see about that.

(Toni enters the Yakuza compound and sees the tank)

Toni Cipriani: Holy Shit! I don't fucking believe it!

Post Mission Phone Call Script

Toshiko Kasen: Is this Mr. Cipriani?

Toni Cipriani: Who's this? How'd you get my number?

Toshiko Kasen: If one puts their mind to it, one can achieve much. I shouldn't have to tell you that, Mr. Cipriani. I need your help in a delicate matter. For this help you will be richly rewarded. I will explain when you arrive at my apartment in Torrington.


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000 and the More Deadly Than the Male missions.

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