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Smuggling is a business in the Empire Building feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Whenever the player wants to own a Smuggling warehouse they would have to pay $5000 for a Small-Time, $9900 for a Medium-Venture, and $14800 for a High-Roller. If the High-Roller is bought the player will receive the Smuggler Outfit which will be available at every safehouse. Note: In order to own this type of business, an enemy smuggling business must be successfully attacked and damaged by the player.

Empire Mission

For this business you will have to collect packages that fall from helicopters and get them back to the warehouse where you started the mission, but you have a time limit after you load the packages into a Mule truck. There are two parts in this mission. The first one is called Supply and Demand. In this part there is one helicopter, you will have to collect ten packages that fall from it under a time limit. There are also other gangs that appear at the scene and try to steal the merchandise and kill you. For this and the next part just kill the gangs and collect the packages. Once you have enough land the boat back at the jetty and take the cargo to the warehouse. Be cautious because once you park the boat and get in the Mule you will have a 4-star wanted level. The second part is called Under the Gun. It is the same as Supply and Demand except there are two helicopters and you will have to collect twenty packages with even more gangs coming at you. Once you complete six levels of Smuggling you will receive increased profit, and your reputation will be maxed out, plus your nickname for Smuggling is Pirate Captain.