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Brother LeroyBrother MaelcumBrother Marcus
Brother Mings'Brother PawBrother Soapy
Brother WullieBrother Zachary
Brotherhood of Jah Army of LoveBrouge AveBrown Streak
Brown Streak RailroadBrownstone Laundromat
BruceBruce (GTA VC)Bruce (TLAD)
Bruce SpadeBruce Spade's House
Brucie's Executive Lifestyle AutosBrucie's Races
Brucie KibbutzBruciesexecutivelifestyleautos.comBrute
Bryan ForbesBryan Scott JohnsonBryan Thananberg
Bryce Dawkins
Bryce ParkerBryony Craddock
BrysonBubBub's Hardware
BuccaneerBuccaneer WayBuck
Buck WildBuckin Bronco BitchesBuckwheat
Buckwheat MaryBucky SligoBucy Joe Houston
BudgeezerBuen Vino RdBuffalo
Bugstars EquipmentBuilders
Bulgarin FamilyBulimialovers.comBull in a China Shop
Bull in a China Shop/ScriptBull in a China Shop/WalkthroughBulldog
Bulldog (mission 1)Bulldog (mission 2)Bulldozer
BulletBullet Bus & Coach Line
Bullet GTBullet Physics LibraryBullet Time
BullionBullion Run
Bullpup RifleBullpup Shotgun
Bullwhip FuryBullworthBully
BulwarkBumps and GrindsBunch of Tools
Buoys AhoyBuoys Ahoy/ScriptBureau of Narcotics
Burger OffBurger Shot
Burke Supply CompanyBurlesqueBurn Baby Burn
Burning BridgesBurning Desire
BurritoBurt ReynoldsBurton
Bury MeBury Me Deep InsideBury the Hatchet
BusBus (mission)Bus Lane
Business UpdateBusiness Update/infobox
BusinessesBusinesses in GTA IIIBusinesses in GTA IV
Businesses in GTA Liberty City StoriesBusinesses in GTA San AndreasBusinesses in GTA V
Businesses in GTA Vice CityBusinesses in GTA Vice City Stories
BuskersBusta Moves
BustedBuster NuttButch Roberts
Butchery and Other HobbiesButlerButterfly Knife
Buyer's MarketBuyer's Market/ScriptBuzzard
Buzzard 1By Myriads of Swords
By the BookC.A.M.
C.C. Cabinets and Marble TopsC.R.A.S.H.
CARS (IDE Section)CARS (IPL Section)
CJD 500CJS Fishy Fingers
Ca$h Store
CacaCaddyCaddy Daddy
CadetCadronaCafe Metropolitan
Café RobinaCafé Under the Tree
Caida Libre
Caipira AirwaysCal BradshawCalais Ave
CalcThisCalcium StreetCaleb
Caligula's Palace
Caligula's Palace WarCall and CollectCall and Collect/Script
Callahan BridgeCallahan PointCalle 8 Cafeteria
Callum CrayshawCalm Before the StormCalton Heights
Calton Heights Safehouse
Cam's Can OpenersCam-Pain
Cam JonesCam O'Flarge
CameraCamilo Lara
Campaign RumpoCamper
CanadaCandice Johnson
Candy's Agent
Candy BarrCandy Store
Candy SuxxxCandybox
CaneCanine RenditionsCanis
Cannon FodderCannon Fodder/ScriptCanny Bus Group
Canyon Entertainment
Cap the CollectorCap the Collector/WalkthroughCapcom
Cape CatfishCapital AutosCapital Blvd
Capital CityCapital Cruise
CapitaliCapitol Discount Auto Parts
CapolavoroCaporegimeCaptain Scott
CaptureCar-azy Car Give Away
Car Bomb
Car Jack City
Car Salesman
Car Wash
Cara DelevingneCarbine Rifles (mission)
CarbonRSCarbonizzareCarcer City
Carcer City UnicornsCarcer Way
CareyCarey Bertini
Cargo PlaneCargobobCargobob (mission)
Cariboo AveCarioca
Carl (TLAD)Carl (disambiguation)Carl Bradshaw
Carl DowlingCarl Johnson
Carl PearsonCarl Wilkins
CarlosCarlos (GTA O)Carlos (GTA V)
Carlos (GTA VCS)Carly FerranCarmel Corn
Carmen Ortiz