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Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton PowellClimax
Clint BarrettClint GlenClinton
Clinton AveClintz Bar
Clive DenverClockClocking Off
Clocking Off/ScriptClocktowerCloe Parker
Closed BridgesCloser EncountersClosing the Deal
Closing the Deal/ScriptClothes Corner
ClothingClothing Businesses in GTA V
Clothing in GTA IV
Clothing in GTA Liberty City StoriesClothing in GTA San AndreasClothing in GTA V
Clothing in GTA Vice CityClothing in GTA Vice City Stories
ClubClub BusinessClub Liberty
Club ManagementClub Management OutfitCluck Norris
Cluckin' Bell
Clyde LetterCoach
Coach CompaniesCoast GuardCoast Guard Dinghy
Coast Guard LaunchCoastguard Maverick
Cobra Marital Arts
CocaineCochrane Dam
Cock RockCockingend Dr
CockroachesCocks Stuff Beavers: Cocks 3 - 0 BeaversCody Posey
Coffee Bagels DonutsCoffeyCognoscenti
Cognoscenti CabrioCoilCoin Laundry
CokCok O Pops
Colin AllcarsColin DanielsColin Easton
Colin ThorpeCollar & Cuffs
CollectiblesCollector's Item
Collector's Item/ScriptCollector's Item/WalkthroughColleen Corbett
Collision FileColombia
Colombian CartelColon Hotel
Colonel CuddlesColonel Fitzgibbon
Colonel FuhrbergerColonel James P.
Colony Island
Columbus AvenueColumbus Cathedral
Combat Pistol (GTA V)Combat Shotgun
Combat SniperCombine Harvester
Coming DownComing Down/ScriptCommerce
Commercials in GTA IIICommercials in GTA Liberty City Stories
Commercials in GTA San AndreasCommercials in GTA Vice CityCommercials in GTA Vice City Stories
CommunicationCommunication Breakdown
Communication Liberty City
Community Portal/to do
Compact Disc Players
CompletionCompletion in GTA IIICompletion in GTA IV
Completion in GTA Liberty City StoriesCompletion in GTA San AndreasCompletion in GTA V
Completion in GTA Vice CityCompletion in GTA Vice City StoriesCompletion in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Completion in The Lost and DamnedComplicationsComplications/Aftermath
Comrades BarConan
Concrete JungleConcrete Jungle/ScriptConcrete Jungle/Walkthrough
Conduct UnbecomingCone Crazy
Congressman Shilton
Congressmanthomasstubbs.comConnectConnie Lavell
Connor ShipleyConquistador St
Consider Our Kids EverydayConsigliere
Console and PC DifferencesConspireConsumer Electronics
ContenderContent Changes
Content Changes in GTA IIIContent Changes in GTA IV EraContent Changes in GTA San Andreas
Content Changes in GTA Vice CityContinuityContra-Banned
Contra-Banned/ScriptControls for GTA III
Controls for GTA Liberty City StoriesControls for GTA San AndreasControversy
Convoy ConflictConvoy Riding
Coolie RanxCop (outfit)
Cop Car Crush!
Cop LandCop Land/Walkthrough
Cop Wheels
Cops 'n' CrooksCops Capacity
Copter Carnage
Coquette ClassicCorey ConnerCormorant
Corner KidsCorner Kids/ScriptCorner Store
Cortes StCortez
Cortez' MaidCortez' Yacht
Cortez CrewCorvin Stadium
Cosmo TroubleCossie
Cossie (mission 1)Cossie (mission 2)Costa Rican Gang
CougarCouncilman Rodgers
Counterfeit CountCounterfeit GangsterCounterfeit Syndicate
CounthashCounthash (mission)
Country Club (outfit)
County General HospitalCourier Missions
Courier ServiceCousin Bob
Coutt and SchutzCouzin EdCovenant Ave
Cover System
CoverallsCovington Supplies
Cox Mascot SuitCoyote
Crack DealersCrack DenCraig Anthony Grant
Craig ConnerCraig GrantCraig muMs Grant
Cranberry StationCraneCrapi
Crazee FashionCrazy '69'
Crazy BobCrazy CJ's
Create a MissionCreate a threadCredit and Commerce Bank of San Andreas
Credits in GTA IV
Credits in The Ballad of Gay TonyCredits in The Lost and DamnedCreek
Creek SafehouseCrevis
Crime ScenesterCrime and PunishmentCrime and Punishment/Script
Crime in Liberty City in GTA III EraCrime in Vice City in GTA III Era
Criminal Ratings in GTA San Andreas
Crims On Water WingsCrims on WingsCrimson Executive Spouse Indemnity Services