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Colony Island
Columbus AvenueColumbus Cathedral
Combat Pistol (GTA V)
Combat ShotgunCombat Sniper
Combine HarvesterCome-A-Lot
CometComing DownComing Down/Script
CommerceCommercials in GTA III
Commercials in GTA Liberty City StoriesCommercials in GTA San AndreasCommercials in GTA Vice City
Commercials in GTA Vice City StoriesCommunication
Communication BreakdownCommunication Liberty City
Community Portal/to do
Compact Disc Players
CompletionCompletion in GTA III
Completion in GTA IVCompletion in GTA Liberty City StoriesCompletion in GTA San Andreas
Completion in GTA VCompletion in GTA Vice CityCompletion in GTA Vice City Stories
Completion in The Ballad of Gay TonyCompletion in The Lost and DamnedComplications
ComputerComrades Bar
ConanConcrete JungleConcrete Jungle/Script
Concrete Jungle/WalkthroughConduct UnbecomingCone Crazy
Congressman ShiltonCongressmanthomasstubbs.comConnect
Connie LavellConnor ShipleyConquistador St
Consider Our Kids EverydayConsigliere
Console and PC DifferencesConspire
Consumer ElectronicsContender
Content ChangesContent Changes in GTA IIIContent Changes in GTA IV Era
Content Changes in GTA San AndreasContent Changes in GTA Vice CityContinuity
Controls for GTA IIIControls for GTA Liberty City StoriesControls for GTA San Andreas
ControversyConvoy Conflict
Convoy RidingCoolie Ranx
Cop (outfit)Cop Car Crush!
Cop Land
Cop Land/WalkthroughCop Wheels
Cops 'n' Crooks
Cops Capacity
Copter Carnage
CoquetteCoquette ClassicCorey Conner
CormorantCorner KidsCorner Kids/Script
Corner StoreCortes St
CortezCortez' MaidCortez' Yacht
Cortez Crew
Corvin StadiumCosmo Trouble
CossieCossie (mission 1)Cossie (mission 2)
Costa Rican GangCostas
Councilman RodgersCounterfeit CountCounterfeit Gangster
Counterfeit SyndicateCounthashCounthash (mission)
Country Club (outfit)
County General Hospital
Courier Missions
Courier ServiceCousin Bob
Coutt and SchutzCouzin Ed
Covenant AveCover System
Covington SuppliesCowsCox
Cox Mascot Suit
CoyoteCrack DealersCrack Den
Craig Anthony GrantCraig ConnerCraig Grant
Craig muMs GrantCranberry StationCrane
CratesCrazee Fashion
Crazy '69'Crazy Bob
Crazy CJ's
Create a MissionCreate a thread
Credit and Commerce Bank of San Andreas
Credits in GTA IVCredits in The Ballad of Gay TonyCredits in The Lost and Damned
CreekCreek Safehouse
Crime ScenesterCrime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment/ScriptCrime in Liberty City in GTA III Era
Crime in Vice City in GTA III EraCriminal Ratings in GTA San Andreas
Crims On Water WingsCrims on Wings
Crimson Executive Spouse Indemnity Services
Crippen Memorial HospitalCris Formage
Criterion GamesCriterion SoftwareCrocs Bar
Crucial Fix Coffee HouseCruiserCruiser (bike)
Crusade RdCrusader
CrusherCruz VormenCrystal
Crystal MazeCrystal Maze/ScriptCuba
Cuban-Haitian War
Cuban-Mexican WarCuban 800
Cuban Hermes
Cuban StyleCubans
CumpotCurbcrawler Skateboards
Curly Bob
Curse of Triton
Curtis L. McClarinCurtis StockerCurtis Weaver
Custom Radio StationCustom Vehicle License Plates
Customs Fast TrackCut
Cut & ShutCut 'N' Shut
Cut MissionsCut Throat BusinessCut Vehicles
Cut Your TeethCutscene
CutterCutting the Grass
Cyclone GT
Cynthia FarrellCynthia GreeneCypress Flats
Cyprus PhilCzech RepublicD
D-IceD-Ice's Brother
D.I.V.O.R.C.E.D. Flour BakeryDB-P
DBP SecurityDBP Security Headquarters
DJ Bomba TombaDJ Brutaldubs
DJ ClueDJ DaiDJ Green Lantern
DJ KhalilDJ Mama DocDJ Mister Cee
DJ PaulDJ PoohDJ Premier
DJ Timecode
DMAir RockstarDS