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Fort Carson SafehouseFort Carson Sheriff's Office
Fort Carson Sign
Fort LawFort StauntonFort Staunton Construction Site
Fort Staunton MuseumFort Staunton Opera HouseFort Zancudo
Forth Right MCFortside
Fortside Police StationFortuneForty Dogg
Forum Dr
Forum Drive FamiliesFossil Oil
FostaFoster ValleyFour Boys Against Your Face
Four Iron
Four Iron/WalkthroughFourchetteFran
FranceFrancesco Mexi
Francis International Airport
Francis International Airport Fire StationFrancis International Airport Fire Station in GTA III EraFrancis International Airport Fire Station in GTA IV Era
Francis International Airport LTAFrancis International Airport Police StationFrancis International Airport a Center for Smuggling
Francis International Airport in GTA III EraFrancis International Airport in GTA IV Era
Francis McRearyFrancisco
Franco CarterFranco Forelli
FrankFrank (GTA O)Frank (TLAD)
Frank BonsangueFrank BrookesFrank Chavez
Frank EdwardsFrank FavaFrank Fernworthy
Frank GaroneFrank Gold
Frank JuniorFrank MathersFrank O'Neill
Frank RodriguezFrank SilvestroFrank Tenpenny
Frank Vincent
Frankfort AvenueFrankfort Avenue LTA
Frankfort High LTAFrankfort Low LTA
FrankieFrankie (outfit)
Frankie Gallo
Franklin ClintonFranklin and Lamar
Franklin and Lamar/AftermathFranklin and Lamar/ScriptFrançois K
Fraser AshleyFred's Pictures
Fred MelamedFred NelsonFred Pemberton
FredaFreddyFreddy (GTA A)
Freddy (GTA III)Freddy (GTA SA)
Freddy PaparoFreddy SladeFrederic Pierce
Frederick BridgeFrederick HarrisonFrederico Nathan
Fredo VolpeFree ModeFreedom Bus Line
FreewayFreeways in GTA IV
Freight Train Challenge
Freiman Coated Fabric Corp
French Secret Service
Frenchie CockmavenFrenchie Fox
Fresh FM
Fresh MeatFrickie Van Hardenburg
Friend Request
Friend Request/ScriptFriend or Foe?Friendly Rivalry
Friends ReunitedFriendships
Friendships in GTA IVFriendships in The Ballad of Gay TonyFriendships in The Lost and Damned
Friendswithoutfaces.netFriggin' the Riggin'Frighteners
Frog's PawnFrogger
From Russia Without Love
From Zero to Hero
Front Page Café
Front Page Café Owner
Frosting on the CakeFrosting on the Cake/Script
Frosting on the Cake/WalkthroughFruit Computers
Fudds Gifts
Fudge LnFudge Packing CorpFueling the Flames
Fuelling the FlamesFuggieFugitive
Full ChatFull ExplorationFull Moon Warehouse
Full Robo Hickey Hurry Mech BattlesuitFunColaFun Bags
Fun WorldFunabashiFunami FM
Funeraria RomeroFunkmaster Flex
FunlandFurnitureFurore GT
FusiladeFusion FM
Futaba HayashiFuto
Futuro FMFuturo FM ScriptG&B
G&Y Bagels LtdG-SpotlightG-Spotlight/Walkthrough
G.I. JonesG.M. Berlotti
G4 Bank Van
GMW: It's a GMW Thang!
GNU Free Documentation LicenseGO and WASH
GTA2 Game Hunter
GTASA: Liberty City
GTA 1 Era
GTA 1 and 2 Era Character DeathsGTA 2: The Movie
GTA CloneGTA Fan Fiction
GTA Garage Mod Manager
GTA III Era Timeline
GTA IV EpisodesGTA IV Episodes/infobox