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Frankfort AvenueFrankfort Avenue LTA
Frankfort High LTA
Frankfort Low LTAFrankieFrankie (outfit)
Frankie Gallo
Franklin Clinton
Franklin and LamarFranklin and Lamar/AftermathFranklin and Lamar/Script
François KFraser Ashley
Fred's PicturesFred MelamedFred Nelson
Fred PembertonFredaFreddy
Freddy (GTA A)Freddy (GTA III)Freddy (GTA SA)
Freddy PaparoFreddy Slade
Frederic PierceFrederick BridgeFrederick Harrison
Frederico NathanFredo VolpeFree Mode
Freedom Bus LineFreedom FliesFreefall
Freeways in GTA IV
FreightFreight Train Challenge
Freiman Coated Fabric Corp
French Secret ServiceFrenchie Cockmaven
Frenchie Fox
Fresh FMFresh Meat
Frickie Van Hardenburg
Friend RequestFriend Request/ScriptFriend or Foe?
Friendly RivalryFriends Reunited
FriendshipsFriendships in GTA IVFriendships in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Friendships in The Lost and DamnedFriendswithoutfaces.netFriggin' the Riggin'
FrightenersFrog's PawnFrogger
From Russia Without Love
From Zero to Hero
Front Page CaféFront Page Café Owner
Frosting on the Cake
Frosting on the Cake/ScriptFrosting on the Cake/Walkthrough
Fruit ComputersFruitbat
FudFudds Gifts
Fudge LnFudge Packing Corp
Fueling the FlamesFuelling the FlamesFuggie
FugitiveFull ChatFull Exploration
Full Moon WarehouseFull Robo Hickey Hurry Mech BattlesuitFunCola
Fun BagsFun WorldFunabashi
Funami FMFuneraria Romero
Funkmaster FlexFunlandFurniture
Furore GTFusilade
Fusion FMFutaba HayashiFuto
Futuro FMFuturo FM Script
G&BG&Y Bagels LtdG-Spotlight
G-Spotlight/WalkthroughG.I. Jones
G.M. BerlottiG4 Bank Van
GMW: It's a GMW Thang!
GNU Free Documentation LicenseGO and WASH
GR GolfingGT-A1
GTA2 Game Hunter
GTASA: Liberty City
GTA 1 EraGTA 1 and 2 Era Character Deaths
GTA 2: The Movie
GTA Clone
GTA Fan FictionGTA Garage Mod Manager
GTA III Era Timeline
GTA IV Episodes
GTA IV Episodes/infoboxGTA IV Era
GTA IV TimelineGTA IV Tips
GTA Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories 2 Pack
GTA London
GTA Today
Gabe HikerGabriel Sloyer
Gabriela's MarketGabrielleGaff Hook
GalGaleria Musical
GalileeGalileo ObservatoryGalina Bulgarin
GallivanterGalveston Ave
Gama Rei