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PintsizeprudePipe Bomb
Pipe DreamsPippy Eggerton
Pirates in Men's PantsPirates in Men's Pants Safehouse
Pirates in Mens Pants (musical)Pissh
Piswasser.comPit Bomb
Pizza BoyPizza Boy (mission)Pizza Cake!
Pizza FacePizza Pizza
Pizza This...Pißwasser
Pla$ticPlaice Pl
Planning the Big Score
Plaster BlasterPlatonic FuryPlatypus
PlayStation 1PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3PlayStation 4
PlayStation Portable
Playa Vista
Playa del SevillePlayback FM
Playboy XPlayboy X's Penthouse
Playstation Network
Pleasure PierPlot
Plot in GTA IVPlot in GTA San Andreas
Plumbers SkywayPlummetPlummet Airlines
Pocket RocketPogo the MonkeyPogo the Monkey (game)
Pointclickshipabitch.comPolaris V8
Police Bike
Police Bribe
Police BuffaloPolice Car
Police Car Scrap!
Police Commissioner McGinleyPolice Computer
Police CruiserPolice Departments
Police HelicopterPolice Helicopter (GTA III)
Police MaverickPolice Maverick/Tips and TricksPolice Officers
Police Patrol
Police Rancher
Police Riot
Police StationsPolice StingerPolice Stockade
Police Transporter
Political Will
PonyPoolPool Cue
Pool SharkPoop Dawg
Poppy LennanPoppy MitchellPops
Popular StPopulationPorka
Porka (mission)Porka 910Porka Turbo
PorkchopPorn ThiefPornography
Port TudorPort of Los Santos
Portal:Characters/leftPortal:Characters/rightPortal:GTA IV
Portal:GTA IV/POTDPortal:GTA IV/POTD/FridayPortal:GTA IV/POTD/Monday
Portal:GTA IV/POTD/SaturdayPortal:GTA IV/POTD/SundayPortal:GTA IV/POTD/Thursday
Portal:GTA IV/POTD/TuesdayPortal:GTA IV/POTD/WednesdayPortal:GTA IV/bottom
Portal:GTA IV/leftPortal:GTA IV/rightPortal:Index
Porter TunnelPorter Tunnel Delayed (Again)
Porter Tunnel GlitchPortland
Portland's four buidingsPortland Beach
Portland Harbor
Portland Hideout
Portland LCS
Portland Police StationPortland Rock
Portland Safehouse
Portland TriadsPortland View
Portola DrPortrait of a KillerPortrait of a Killer/Script
Post Box TownPost Op
Postell PringlePotatoPotato Truck
PounderPower-ups in GTA 1Power-ups in GTA 2
Power StPower VideoPowertool Paradise
Practice SwingPractice Swing/ScriptPrairie
Prairie CartelPrawn IslandPrawn Island Mansions
PredatorPredator (mission)Premier
Premium Deluxe MotorsportPresident St
President ZanePresident of the United StatesPresidente
Presidents CityPressing IssuesPreston Pecinovsky
Pretty BoyPrevionPricedown
Prickle PinePrickle Pine Safehouse
PrimoPrincess GeorginaPrincess Renee
Princess Robot BubblegumPrincessrobotbubblegum.comPrint Works
Printing Plates CourierPrison Bus
Prison Garments OutfitPrivate EyePrivate Parts
Private PlacesProLaps
ProLaps/Clothing in GTA San Andreas
Procopio DrProcopio PromenadeProductos Mexicano
Productos Mexicano FlowersPrologue (GTA V)
Prologue (GTA V)/Script
PropositionsProsperity St
Protagonist (GTA Online)Protagonists in GTA 1
Protagonists in GTA LondonProtection Racket
Protection Racket (business)Proximity Mines
PsychicPsycho KillerPu Ling
Pu PingPublic Liberty Radio
Public Telephone
Publicity Tour
Publicity Tour/ScriptPublicity Tour/
PuddlesPuerto Del SolPuerto Rico
Pulling Another FavorPulling Favors
Pulling Favors/ScriptPulling Favors AgainPulling One Last Favor
Pump-Action Pimp