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Police RancherPolice Riot
Police Stations
Police StingerPolice StockadePolice Transporter
Political WillPolitics
PonyPoolPool Cue
Pool SharkPoop Dawg
Poppy LennanPoppy MitchellPops
Popular StPopulationPorka
Porka (mission)Porka 910Porka Turbo
PorkchopPorn ThiefPornography
Port TudorPort of Los Santos
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Portal:GTA IV/POTDPortal:GTA IV/POTD/FridayPortal:GTA IV/POTD/Monday
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Porter TunnelPorter Tunnel Delayed (Again)
Porter Tunnel GlitchPortland
Portland's four buidingsPortland Beach
Portland Harbor
Portland Hideout
Portland LCS
Portland Police StationPortland Rock
Portland Safehouse
Portland TriadsPortland View
Portola DrPortrait of a KillerPortrait of a Killer/Script
Portrait of a Killer/WalkthroughPortsmouthPosch
PosonbysPost Box TownPost Op
Postell PringlePotato
Potato TruckPounderPower-ups in GTA 1
Power-ups in GTA 2Power StPower Video
Powertool ParadisePractice SwingPractice Swing/Script
Practice Swing/WalkthroughPrairiePrairie Cartel
Prawn IslandPrawn Island Mansions
Predator (mission)PremierPremium Deluxe Motorsport
President StPresident Zane
President of the United StatesPresidentePresidents City
Pressing IssuesPreston PecinovskyPretty Boy
PrevionPricedownPrickle Pine
Prickle Pine SafehousePrimo
Princess GeorginaPrincess ReneePrincess Robot Bubblegum
Princessrobotbubblegum.comPrint WorksPrinting Plates Courier
Prison BusPrison Garments Outfit
Private EyePrivate PartsPrivate Places
ProLapsProLaps/Clothing in GTA San Andreas
Procopio Dr
Procopio PromenadeProductos MexicanoProductos Mexicano Flowers
Prologue (GTA V)Prologue (GTA V)/Script
Prosperity StProstitutes
ProstitutionProtagonistProtagonist (GTA Online)
Protagonists in GTA 1Protagonists in GTA London
Protection RacketProtection Racket (business)
Proximity MinesPsychic
Psycho KillerPu LingPu Ping
Public Liberty RadioPublic Telephone
Publicity TourPublicity Tour/Script
Publicity Tour/WalkthroughPubliclibertyonline.comPuddles
Puerto Del SolPuerto Rico
Pulling Another FavorPulling FavorsPulling Favors/Script
Pulling Favors AgainPulling One Last FavorPump-Action Pimp
Pump Action Shotgun
Pump Buddy MagazinePump Gymnasiums
Pump and Run GymnasiumPumpin' out Puppies
Puncture WoundsPuncture Wounds/WalkthroughPunk Noodles
PurgatoryPurple Haze
Pursuit FarcePush-Up - The Movie
Pychakilla.blogsnobs.orgPyrite AvePython
Quad Bike Time Trials
Quarry Missions
Quartz East LTAQuartz West LTA
Queen Lizzy
QueensQueens Safehouse
Quite Humorous Comedy ClubQuota
R.C. Hole In Another Probe
R. GoodfellowR. S. & L. Bows
RAILSRAILS Breakfast Cereal Under FDA Scrutiny
RC BanditRC Bandit Race
RC BaronRC Baron Race
RC Battle GroundRC Cam
RC GoblinRC Helicopter
RC RaiderRC Raider Pickup
RC TigerRC Triad Take-Down
RONRON Alternates Wind FarmRON Building
Race'n'ChaseRace (Biker)
Race Tournaments
Race TracksRace to Run
Races in GTA IVRaces in GTA Liberty City StoriesRaces in GTA Online
Races in The Lost and DamnedRachel AllenRachel Richards
Rachel WithersRacing Suit
Radio BrokerRadio Content in The Ballad of Gay TonyRadio Content in The Lost and Damned
Radio Del MundoRadio EspantosoRadio Los Santos