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Publicity Tour/ScriptPublicity Tour/
PuddlesPuerto Del SolPuerto Rico
Pulling Another FavorPulling Another Favor/Script
Pulling FavorsPulling Favors/ScriptPulling Favors Again
Pulling Favors Again/ScriptPulling One Last FavorPulling One Last Favor/Script
Pump-Action Pimp
Pump Action ShotgunPump Buddy MagazinePump Gymnasiums
Pump and Run Gymnasium
Pumpin' out PuppiesPuncture WoundsPuncture Wounds/Walkthrough
Punk NoodlesPurgatoryPurple Haze
Pursuit Farce
Push-Up - The MoviePychakilla.blogsnobs.orgPyrite Ave
Quad Bike Time TrialsQuarry
Quarry MissionsQuarry Quarry
Quartz East LTA
Quartz West LTA
Queen LizzyQueens
Queens Safehouse
Quite Humorous Comedy ClubQuotaQuube.
R.C. Hole In Another Probe
R. GoodfellowR. S. & L. Bows
RAILSRAILS Breakfast Cereal Under FDA Scrutiny
RC BanditRC Bandit RaceRC Baron
RC Baron RaceRC Battle Ground
RC CamRC Goblin
RC Helicopter
RC RaiderRC Raider PickupRC Tiger
RC Triad Take-Down
RON Alternates Wind FarmRON BuildingRP
RS HaulRaceRace'n'Chase
Race (Biker)
Race TournamentsRace Tracks
Race to RunRaces in GTA IV
Races in GTA Liberty City StoriesRaces in GTA OnlineRaces in The Lost and Damned
Rachel AllenRachel RichardsRachel Withers
Racing Suit
Radio Broker
Radio Content in The Ballad of Gay TonyRadio Content in The Lost and DamnedRadio Del Mundo
Radio EspantosoRadio Los SantosRadio Los Santos (GTA V)
Radio Mirror ParkRadio Stations
Radio Stations in GTA 1Radio Stations in GTA 2Radio Stations in GTA Advance
Radio Stations in GTA Chinatown WarsRadio Stations in GTA IIIRadio Stations in GTA IV
Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City StoriesRadio Stations in GTA London
Radio Stations in GTA San Andreas
Radio Stations in GTA Vice CityRadio Stations in GTA Vice City Stories
Radio XRadio Za-Za!
RafaelRafael'sRafael Gonzales
Rafaelo RomanoRaff Crolla
Raffles Fish FactoryRagdoll Physics
Ragin' RCRaid
Railroad CrossingsRaimi Realty
Rakin and PonzerRallyRalph Danforth
Ralph OstrowskiRalph PendelburyRamJam FM
RametinRami Yalon
Ramon JenkinsRampageRampage Five
Rampage FourRampage OneRampage Three
Rampage TwoRampagesRan Fa Li
Ran Fa Li/WalkthroughRan Fa Li (mission)
RanchRancherRancher XL
RanchoRandolf Art CenterRandolph Industrial Estate
Random Biker
Random CharactersRandom Characters in GTA IV Era
Random Event - Simeon Yetarian
Random EventsRandy Boner
Randy JohnsonRandy PearlsteinRanger
RansomRansom (GTA III)
Rapid GTRapid GT Soft TopRascalov Family
Rat Race
RatingsRatmanRaton Canyon
RatsRaulRaul Hernandez
RavenRaven 2000Raver
Raw DealRayRay's Goon
Ray (GTA LCS)Ray Boccino
Ray BulgarinRay De Angelo HarrisRay Gordon
Ray LarabieRay LiottaRay Machowski
Ray MathersRay NavarroRaymond
Raymond Alberga
Real BadmanReal Badman Random Encounter/Script
Real People in GTARealism
Rear WallReardon HayfieldRebecca Benhayon
Rebecca HendersonRebecca PowellRebel
Rebel RadioRebla
RecoveryRecruitment Drive
Recruitment Drive (GTA CW)Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)/Script
Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)/WalkthroughRecycling Center
Red BalloonsRed County
Red Dead RedemptionRed Desert Ave
Red Light District
Red Light RacingRed Mist FC
Red Valdez
Redneck Attack!Rednecks
Redsands EastRedsands West
Redsands West SafehouseRedwood Cigarettes
Redwood Lights
Reece's Hair & Facial Studio
Reed BrazierReed TuckerReefer
Refried NoodleReg Smith
RegalReginaRegis Welsh
Regular TomRehab IslandRelax Power X Motorized Scooter
Remote Controlled VehiclesRemote Grenade