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Tony McTonyTony Mirrcandani
Tony MountebankTony Patellis
Tony SmithTony von HalleTonya Wiggins
Tooled Up
Top-Down Perspective
Top Down CityTop Fun
Top NoshTop Of The Food ChainTop The Midnight Club
Topaz Street
Toreno's Last Flight
TornadoTorpedo Run
TorringtonTorrington Apartments
Torrington TTTortoiseTortoise (GTA 2)
Tortoise (GTA CW)ToshToshi
Toshiko KasenTosser
Tour BusTourbus
Tow TruckTow Truck (mission)
Tower WayTowingTown Hall
Toy CornerToyminator
Tracey De SantaTraci Godfrey
Traci WilsonTracksuitTractor
Tracy Hernandez
Trail BlazerTrailer Park Mafia
Trailer TrashTrailers for The Ballad of Gay Tony
Trailers of GTA VTrain
Train.dat/GTAVCTrain2.dat/GTAVCTrain (vehicle)
TramTramp TR3
Tramp TR4Tramps
Trance AMTrans-PlantTransFender
Transit Van
Trash DashTrash Truck
TrashmasterTravisTreacherous Swine
Treacherous Swine/WalkthroughTreeTremaine
Trent HopkinsTrenton
Trenton MayberryTrespass
Trevor's EnigmaTrevor Philips
Trevor Philips' Trailer
Trevor Philips IndustriesTrevor Philips Industries/Script
Trevor Philips Industries (gang)Trevor Queen
Trey Baker
Trey WelshTri-Cycles Race Bike
Triad 1Triad Fish Van
Triad RecruitTriadsTriads-Leone War
Triads and TribulationsTriads in GTA IV EraTrial By Dirt
Trial By FireTrial By Fire/ScriptTriangle Building
TriathlonTriathlon (TBOGT)
Tricks of the Triad
Trinculo ClothingTrip Skip
Trish CamdenTrojan Voodoo
Troy (GTA VCS)Troy (TBOGT)
Troy Burger
Truck CabTruck Cab SX
Truck HustleTruck Hustle/ScriptTruck Stop
Truck You!TruckingTrudy Fink
True Crime Extra 48 Victims!True Grime Street CleanersTruffade
Trunchez Brothers
Truth + SoulTruth RevealedTuck
TudorTudor Bridge
Tuff Gong Radio
Tuff Nut DonutsTugTug (TLAD)
Tug BoatTug St
Tulsa Street
Tunnel of DeathTunnel of Death/ScriptTunnel of Death/Walkthrough
Turf WarTurismo
Turismo (mission)Turismo (mission)/ScriptTurismo (race)
Turismo RTurk MartinTurn On, Tune In, Bug Out
Turntables on the HudsonTurtle Head Fishing Co.
TwilightTwin ShadowTwinjet (GTA V)
Twinkle ToesTwisted Metal
Two-Faced TannerTwo-Hand Toss
Two Bit HitTwo Bit Hit/WalkthroughTwo Boots for Betty
Tyler CobbTyler DixonTyler Pickrel
Tyrone HancockTyson FillmoreU-Jerk Truck
U.S. Mail
USS NumnutzU Get Inn Motel
UbermachtUgaladajara Jewelry PlazaUlrika
Ulrika AfriqueUltimate Disk in the Dark
Umberto RobinaUmberto Robina's House
Uncalculated RiskUncalculated Risk/ScriptUncle BJ's Deli & Groceries
Uncle FuUncle Fu's GangUncle Leone
Uncle VankaUncle VinceUncle Vlad
Uncle Vlad/ScriptUncle Vlad/Walkthrough
Under SurveillanceUnder the Gun
Under the Gun/WalkthroughUnder the RadarUnderboss
Undercover LoverUndertaker
Undress to KillUndress to Kill/Script
Unfriendly CompetitionUni-TelUnion Depository
Union DriveUnion Drive/ScriptUnion Drive East
Union Drive WestUnion OfficialUnion Rd
Unique Stunt JumpsUnique Stunt Jumps in GTA San Andreas
Unique Vehicles in The Ballad of Gay Tony
United Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited Liberty Paper
United Liberty Paper Contact
United States National GuardUnited States of America
United States of America/CharactersUnity StationUniversal Grocery & Deli
University of San Andreas, Los SantosUnknowing the TruthUnmarked Cruiser
Unnamed AssociateUno Carb
Up, Up and Away!