Special Vehicles in GTA Vice City Stories

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Vehicle Unique Color Unique Handling Special Abilities Mission
Barracks OL None None BP Truck Stop
Boxville Black, White None None Domo Arigato Domestoboto
Bobcat None None FP Shakedown/D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
Comet Red, Yellow None None So Long Schlong
Cuban Hermes None None FP Papi Don't Screech
Flatbed Navy Blue None None The Exchange
Infernus None None FP, EP Accidents Will Happen
PCJ-600 None None FP, EP Burning Bridges
Perennial None None FP Truck Stop/Robbing the Cradle
Pony Green None BP, FP Money for Nothing (BP, FP), Havana Good Time (green).
Quad Chrome Red None FP When Funday Comes
Sentinel XS Black None BP, EP, FP, DP So Long Schlong, (BP, EP, FP, DP)/From Zero to Hero (FP)/Light My Pyre (black)
Stallion Black None None Marked Men
Stinger None None FP Caught as an Act
Stretch None None BP, FP Kill Phil
Walton None None Cholo Victory/Boomshine Blowout
Yola None None BP, FP, EP, DP Unfriendly Competition