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Standing Vice Point is a business located Vice Point. It sets up on a hill and is the first one going south of the Malibu Club. In 1986 and 1984 the back of the building is a point of interest. It features numerous tables, palm trees, bushes, and a sloped pool with a series of diving boards in order of size from smallest to biggest. It also has a boardwalk in the back leading to the beach. During the events of GTA Vice City it has a minor role in the storyline. However in GTA Vice City Stories it would become the second setting of the mission Unfriendly Competition for the Mendez Brothers.

Also due to the earlier setting of Vice City Stories, some things in the building are yet to be constructed or put in. Such things are the large yellow S on the stone isn't there, and neither is the red sign that says Standing Vice Point. The large glass dome appearing in between the pool and leisure area and the backside of the building is still under construction, and some smaller details such as ladders, and Sprunk machines.


GTA Vice City

  • BF Injection- Up north beside the boardwalk running behind the structure.
  • PCJ-600- In a corner of the building at the south end. Automatically starts PCJ Playground.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Quad- Can be purchased at the entrance of the boardwalk coming up to the pool.


GTA Vice City

  • Body Armor- In front of the large rock in the front of the building.
  • One Rampage- On top of the largest diving board behind the building.