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The Statue of Happiness is a parody of the real life Statue Of Liberty in New York City. The Statue Of Happiness is on Happiness Island, off the coast of South Algonquin. If its name is spoken quickly, it sounds like "The Statue of a Penis".


The Statue of Happiness stands on a large stone pedestal facing north up the West River. (The real life Statue of Liberty faces south, out towards the Atlantic.) The stone pedestal stands upon a star-shaped base (like the real life Fort Wood.) The Statue holds a tablet in her left hand, and a coffee cup in her right (in place of her real life counterpart's torch.) The statue's face has a large grin on it, in reference to her name (Happiness) and is said by some to look like Hillary Clinton. Similarly, the coffee cup she's holding is said to be a reference to the "Hot Coffee Mod" for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, that Hillary Clinton loudly lambasted. The statue is colored green due to the sea air, and should have been a bronze colour when she arrived in Liberty City.


The tablet the Statue of Happiness is holding reads:

Send us your brightest, your smartest, your most intelligent,
Yearning to breathe free and submit to our authority,
Watch us trick them into wiping rich people's asses,
While we convince them it's a land of opportunity.


Happiness Island

Happiness Island contains two marinas for boats to dock at, multiple hot-dog vendors and multiple buildings on the southern end of the island. There are also multiple binoculars on the water-edge. The main attraction of the Island is The Statue of Happiness. To enter the statue, you must enter through the southern entrance, in the main star-shaped base. You must walk up two flights of steps to reach the top of the star-shaped base, then a further four to reach the base of the Statue's main pedestal. If you enter the southern door of the Statue's pedestal, you exit with a T-shirt with the Statue of Happiness on it. On the T-shirt is the clever inscription "Happiness Is..." on the front, with "...Land" printed on the back, a possible reference to achieving happiness through ownership of land or possibly a reference to the Beatles song, "Happiness Is a Warm Gun". Multiple forklifts can also be found on the island.

The Statue's Heart

The Statue contains one of Grand Theft Auto IV's Easter Eggs. If you fly a helicopter up to the side of the feet of the statue and jump out onto the upper platform of her pedestal, inaccessible from the base, you can walk through the southern facing door (With the sign "No Hidden Content This Way", in a similar fashion to the Easter Egg Sign in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on top of the Gant Bridge in San Fierro reading "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.") Through this door there is a ladder going upwards. At the top of the ladder there is a small platform with a large, beating heart chained to the inside of the statue. Many players dubbed this the "Heart of The City". The heart is indestructible. Unfortunately, the only way down is death unless you spawn a NRG900 or Sanchez and wheelie off of it without falling off.


The nearest Subway stop is Castle Gardens on the Algonquin Outer Line. From here, you must either take a boat to access the island, or borrow a helicopter from the nearby Helitours.

Alternate Names

During one of the powerboat outings you can go on with Brucie Kibbutz, you'll have the opportunity for a scenic statue tour. However, Brucie calls it the "Statue of Freedom" in the audio while the subtitles still say "Statue of Happiness." This suggests that the statue might have had a different name during development, but the audio file did not get changed to reflect the statue's final name.

Car Spawn

At the south end of the island, behind a building is also a random car spawn.