Store Wars

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Store Wars is a mission in GTA Chinatown Wars.


After you meet with Uncle Kenny, he tells you that a store under his protection is going to be attacked by the Spanish Lords. He tells Huang to block the enterances and kill any Spanish Lords that arrive.

It might to be best to grab one of the nearby Admirals nearby, as not only can you get there quick but also use it as one of the barricade vehicles. Once you arrive at the store, you'll need to get cars to block the roads leading to the store. Thankfully, there are enough cars around that can be used as blocks. Park them in barricade positions, and select a weapon so you can be ready.

Shortly later, a wave of Spanish Lords arrive to destroy the store. There is a damage meter on the top. and if any gang members throw Molotov Cocktails to firebomb it, it goes up. If it fills up, the mission is a failure. Instead, try to kil the gang members before they throw the Molotov Cocktails. If you kill a wave of Spanish Lords, another will come in a different direction. Several waves will come, but when they are all killed the mission is passed.