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The Subway in Liberty City in GTA IV is operated by the Liberty Transport Authority (LTA).


The subway system has four main lines, in pairs:

These four lines serve all corners and boroughs of Liberty City, but do not serve the state of Alderney.


Algonquin Outer Line

  • Route A trains run clockwise
  • Route J trains run counter-clockwise
  • At Easton, Route J trains become Route 3 for the Broker line
  • At Manganese East, Route A trains become Route 8 for the Broker Line

Broker Line

  • Route 8 trains run clockwise in Broker, counter-clockwise in Dukes
  • Route 3 trains run counter-clockwise in Broker, clockwise in Dukes
  • At Easton, Route 8 trains become Route A for the Algonquin Outer Line
  • At Manganese East, Route 3 trains become Route J for the Algonquin Outer Line

Algonquin Inner Line

  • Route K trains run clockwise
  • Route C trains run counter-clockwise
  • At Frankfort Low, Route K trains become Route E for the Bohan Line
  • At Frankfort High, Route C trains become Route B for the Bohan line

Bohan Line

  • Route E trains run clockwise
  • Route B trains run counter-clockwise
  • At Frankfort High, Route E trains become Route K for the Algonquin Inner Line
  • At Frankfort Low, Route B trains become Route C for the Algonquin Inner line