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The ground level of The Triangle Superstar Café in GTA IV.

The Superstar Café is a high-end venue restaurant in Grand Theft Auto IV, a play on the Hard Rock Cafe.


There are two Superstar locations in GTA IV: One in The Triangle and one in north Middle Park East at the intersection of Quartz Street and Bismarck Ave. Both locations are accessible but the player cannot purchase food there to replenish health. However, players can take this friends or girlfriends to the café. Alex Chilton and Brucie Kibbutz seem to be particularly fond of this restaurant. The interior of the cafe, which is used for both Superstar outlets, consists of two floors, with the lower level furnished with basic dining tables and chair, a bar and a staging area for musicians, and the upper level containing posher sofas and tables. Occasionally, a saxophone playing busker will spawn on the staging area, by the microphone, playing jazz music; as usual, players can give the busker $10 in exchange for full health. The Superstar Café also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars although it is very hard to spot and cannot be entered.

Prominent appearances in mission

  • In the mission for Jeff in GTA IV, a Random Character, Niko photographs his wife and his friend.
  • The Superstar Café is the target area of the mission "First Impressions" in Stubbs' Dirty Laundry, which is a series of side missions in The Lost and Damned. The mission requires the player assassinate a politician who is inside the café.


The place is good for holding yourself while trying to get the "One man army" achievement.


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