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Gang Name

Does anyone have any evidence for the name of this gang? Wikipedia lists it as "Diaz's Gang", which is apparently how it was referred to ingame. However, many sources cite the name as the "Diaz Cartel", including several pages around Wikipedia (if you trust that site). Perhaps Diaz himself once said the name of his gang? Perhaps the games files will reveal their internal name (eg DIAZGANG or DIAZCRTL).

If it turns out that the gang is unnamed (which it appears to be), then we can simply choose a descriptive title for the page. "Diaz's Gang" would be one option, and seems neutral/descriptive enough, but is difficult to spell. "Diaz Cartel" is simple, and accurate (all sources refer to it as a cartel). "The Diaz Gang" (or "Diaz Gang") seems to give it a name which it appears not to have. All comments appreciated, but please don't modify the page until an agreement has been reached. Currently the page is at the title it has always had on this wiki, and we'll keep it like that until we know we should change it. Thanks - Gboyers (?) 18:52, 13 April 2008 (UTC)