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I've noticed that DT-boy seems adamant that the Esperanto is a lowrider. I'm well aware that it was apparently supposed to have hydraulics in GTA III, but it's apparent that the Yardie Lobo took its place, not to mention that the only lowrider in GTA Vice City was the Voodoo, and the lowriders in GTA San Andreas are the cars that can only be modified at Loco Low Co.. So, overall, DT-boy's claim that "The Esperanto is a lowrider (well, at least in the gta3 era)" doesn't realy have any merit, especially given the fact that the Esperanto isn't a lowrider at all in the GTA III era. One last thing, I know it can be given hydraulics at TransFender in GTA San Andreas, but so can the Blista Compact, Primo, and even the Walton - among other "normal cars", so that shouldn't be used an excuse to call it a lowrider either (nobody has used that excuse, but I'm just saying). - Hardrock182 14:39, 28 June 2009 (UTC)