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I know a lot of people like to use infoboxes for everything, but I'm beginning to see them used on a few too many pages. I use them where they replace a large amount of text that is easier displayed in a table - such as numeric data, and large collections of important facts.

The the mayor, population and motto is a very small amount of information, and is a lot easier to express in a sentence - which also gives you the opportunity to expand and explain Alderney State and City (and there might be more cities later). People don't come to this page purely to find any of that information, so there's no point putting it in a prominent infobox (information box).

  • {{infobox mission}} shows a good selection of basic facts (who, where, when, reward, unlocks, unlocked by, fail) which people want to know quickly without reading through too much text - a perfect use of an infobox.
  • {{Infobox gang}} has a lot of little facts, which is good - but only for big gangs.
  • The infobox on Patriot only shows how many doors (slightly useful), the games it is in (useful), and what the vehicle is based on (not useful) - that doesn't warrant a whole infobox to me (which is why I never made one for businesses).
  • {{infobox places}} only shows location (which will often be multiple) and associated people (which varies wildly), and again this would be much better in a sentence or two, as I have mentioned before.
  • {{infobox character}} is potentially useful, but only for a few people for whom we have a lot of information.

There is no specific policy on use of infoboxes, so what do you think? Gboyers talk 10:54, 22 August 2008 (UTC)