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There's a few things I would change in this article. For example the weapons section - a sentence explaining where in the intersection to find the tear gas would perhaps be useful. I doubt an entire section dedicated to one sentence or bullet point is neccessary. Same goes for most of the other sections.

I also don't think the big paragraph explaining the details behind the missions is neccessary - I would just say they occur here, and maybe one sentence saying "X chases Y through the intersection in the ___ mission for person Z". If people want to read up about that mission, they can click through and have all the detail (and walkthrough) they need.

One issue I have is that there are actually spoilers of GTASA missions in this article, including a major plot development. Spoilers should be restricted to the mission page that details that mission, which is where you would expect to find that sort of information.

Also, I'd add Category:Los Santos instead of just the category explaining all intersections ever. Category:Intersections shouldn't be in Category:Transportation in GTA San Andreas, since it covers multiple games (or should eventually). Thoughts? Gboyers talk 23:56, 24 June 2008 (UTC)