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Stuntplane Performance

Most of the things "proclaimed" are subjective and who is "proclaiming" that the plane's handling it too responsive and essentially calling the plane a heap of junk. Each vehicle is unique and has it own flaws. Most of which can be over come, like the Super GT often spins out, so the player has to overcome that flaw by learning the limitations of the vehicles turning capability, adapting the driving style to the vehicle and finally learning when to brake and what brake should be used and soon the player will be evading corrupt police officers, gangbangers, and OG's who want their car back. So just like the Super GT the player will have to learn when to turn how far and they will soon find that the plane is not that bad. Just because the Stuntplane turns fast doesn't mean it's a horrible plane, with that logic you could "proclaim" that the Hunter is the worst helicopter in the game because of it's tendency to flip over rather easily. All you have to do is try harder to master the vehicle before say it's flaws are beyond help. 01:44, 12 July 2009 (UTC)