Tanker Commander

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The Story

After the first date clipscene drive down the street in Dillmore to the nearest "$" icon on the map, a gasso gas station. After Catalinas charming opening statement, you learn that a locked door and bulletproof glass keeps you from getting at the takings. Catalina spots a big truck and tanker, which then calls for a change of plans!


Enter the truck and attach it to the tanker Hop into the drivers seat a pull foward until you are infront of the tanker trailer, the switch to your rear view and slowely back the cab under the front of the trailer to hook it up.

The angry gas station attendants refuse to give up and start persuing in a car. As you drive away, Catalina says she knows a guy who will pay for your rig and cargo. A new yellow blimp appears on the map.

Drive the rig to Catalinas buyer and dont allow the persuers to disconnect the trailer Start driving towards the yellow blimp, Note the health bar is now on screen. Your persuers open fire when the manage to pull up along side of you, but dont get ratteled. Keep the truck moving at a steady pace and don't let the rig jackknife out of control causing the mission to fail.

When you finally reach Catalinas contact in Flint County drive into the red marker at the RS Haul facility. Your persuers will met a fiery end and will crash into the nerby gas station causing it to blow. catalina makes a deal with Mr Whittker for a wad of cash and Whittaker offers CJ the oppertunity to run freight for him.


$5000 is gained for the completion of this mission